Walls Cornetto : Ice Cream Festival

Client : PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk
Brand : Walls Cornetto
Industry : –


Current Situation

Cornetto as one of the biggest brand of Ice Cream category has challenged to increase awareness and engagement with the teens on social media with a cool way.


Revive the glory of Cornetto by making it super fun, super cool and super relevant to teens by making the 1st Summer Ice Cream Festival with digital driven activation.


  1. To share the excitement of “Cornetto Summer Ice Cream and Music Festival” as the first ice cream and music festival for Cornetto” through Social Media.
  2. To convey that Cornetto, as a fun and cool brand that understands teenagers with create a platform with superlative effect.
  3. Strategic partnership to up the cool factor.
  4. How to make this activity relevant to the teens, lift up teens fun activities & make them excite about the event


Klix Digital created strategy in order to make the campaign successful, there are:

  1. We are developing digital strategy to create hype about Cornetto Summer Ice Cream Festival and invite the teens come to the event.
  2. We are developing a cool platforms, website and mobile, also Twitter and Facebook to simplify the teens for submitting the ideas about summer fest party.
  3. We are tapping to multiple supporting tools (Twitter Buzzer, Video Viral, Ads, etc) were close to the target (teens) behavior.
  4. Cornetto Summer Ice Cream and Music Festival provide some activations for teens where they can personalize their own festival experience while enjoying music and ice cream with friends – Festival Yang Kamu Banget.
  5. Make 3 fun and cool Viral Video using KOL as a main talent.


  1. Number the impressions of #CornettoSummerFest are 19.759.243 at the event.
  2. Increasing number of the new followers @sicornettoboy are 1,855 followers.
  3. Increasing number of the new fans Ice Cream of Love facebook fanpage are 72,361 fans within 2 Months.
  4. Total 3,158 ideas have been submitted to #Cornettoshoutidea.